The evolution in understanding of disease mechanism and a revolution in techniques to produce novel biotherapeutics have resulted in a growing class of compounds effective in treating the most difficult diseases. The latest compound class to reach the market with this unmatched specificity and efficacy are Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs). Their combination of small-molecule payload drug, with an engineered antibody to ensure targeted delivery and therefore reduced side-effects, presents new challenges in ensuring analytical rigor and accuracy—and necessitates use of a variety of analytical techniques to ensure safety, efficacy, and quality. AB Sciex has leveraged its expertise in meeting the challenges related to ADCs by developing a continuum of workflows in collaboration with the world’s leading biotherapeutic companies. These workflow solutions include QTRAP® mass-based data to inform and compliment traditional LBA assays which help guide patient dosage, whilst TripleTOF® accurate mass measurements ensure small-molecule payloads are consistently applied to the carrier antibody, allowing scientists to track detachment and delivery to target cells. Look for more detail and data that support these challenging and connected ADC workflows in our upcoming Eureka article early next year.