Keeping Abreast of the Bugs
- The CEO of Microrite answers questions about avoiding problems with lab audits Ziva Abraham is the President and Founder of Microrite, Inc. with over 30 years of academic,…
March 17, 2020
BY: Rachael Kerr
- Why pharmaceutical manufacturers require modern QC Micro technologies
March 9, 2020
BY: Hayden Skalski
- What is the connection between living fossils and a living person?
February 25, 2020
BY: Mary Parker
- Environmental monitoring and routine testing are key tools in understanding a production site’s bioburden
January 21, 2020
BY: Rachael Kerr
- How revised chapters of USP regulations impact pharmaceutical production to increase patient safety
December 2, 2019
BY: Rachael Kerr
- Phazolicin or PHZ, the newly discovered ribosome-disrupting compound. Why this is a big deal
November 25, 2019
BY: Kamil Czuchrowski
- Better tools and less invasive surgeries. A Q&A with Rush Medical Center neurosurgeon Richard Fessler.
November 11, 2019
BY: Regina Kelder
- How plastic pollution affects horseshoe crabs, their coastal habitats, and the ocean at large
August 21, 2019
BY: Mary Ellen Mateleska
- Balloons, grocery bags, clear plastic, tarp material… these items aren’t particularly appetizing, but for a juvenile green sea turtle named Zazu, their allure was irresistible.
August 20, 2019
BY: Sarah Burnheimer
- South Carolina researcher seeks to improve response to mold infestations by creating an inventory of solutions
August 15, 2019
BY: Mary Parker