Regina Kelder, MA

Senior Scientific Writer

Regina joined Charles River Laboratories in 2013 as a Senior Scientific Writer. Her primary responsibility is editing Eureka. She has more than 20 years of experience writing about science and medicine, both for newspapers in New Jersey and Ohio, and for two non-profit publications in New York that specialize in AIDS vaccine science. In 2005, she received a fellowship from the Kaiser Family Foundation to write about the AIDS crisis in Africa. She has received awards from the National Press Club, AP of Ohio and the Pan American Health Organization, and was thrice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri.

A World Spinning Fast from Stem Cells

ews last week that Japanese scientists had discovered a much easier way of reprogramming cells into an embryonic state was too late to make it on to Science Channel’s fascinating “Stem Cell Universe” hosted by Stephen Hawking Feb. 4. But it just goes to show you how fast the field is moving. Continue reading

The Rat Pack

Charles River recently aided in a study involving wild rats who, let’s face it, represent a much different “clientele” than the well-bred laboratory rats we traditionally work with on a daily basis. Continue reading