Robert Kaiser, PhD, DABT

Safety Pharmacology
Reno, NV

Robert Kaiser, PhD, is globally responsible for the science and business of Safety Pharmacology, overseeing harmonization of safety pharmacology offerings in all species across all preclinical sites within Charles River. He specializes in developing studies that use state-of-the-art technology to integrate safety pharmacology endpoints into toxicology studies for the development of large molecule/biological test articles, with the net effects of increasing study value and decreasing animal use.  Robert has also developed multi-species capabilities at Charles River’s Safety Assessment site in Reno, where he is based, including CV and CNS endpoints in multiple species.  Robert earned his doctoral degree in biochemistry in 2002 from the University of Nevada, Reno and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 2005. He is a full member of both the Safety Pharmacology Society and the Society of Toxicology.  In addition to his professional endeavors, Robert is a burgeoning amateur zymurgist, focusing on Belgian varieties.