Mary McElroy, PhD, MBA

In Vivo Discovery/Cell Therapy

Mary McElroy, PhD, MBA, is a Principal Scientist in In Vivo Discovery/Cell Therapy Lead at Charles River's Discovery Research Services site in Edinburgh. She earned her doctoral degree at the University of Southampton, where she specialized in the study of antioxidant defenses and lung development. She was also a CVRI Fellow at the University of California-San Francisco and Fellow of the California Lung Association, Cardiovascular Research Institute, Alveolar Epithelial Injury and Repair.  Recent peer-reviewed studies have been published in European Respiratory Journal, Inhalation Toxicology,  American Journal of Physiology Lung and Experimental Lung Research.  Mary enjoys learning traditional Scottish and Irish fiddle music in her spare time.

Using T Cells to Beat the Big C

Harnessing a patient’s own infection-fighting T cells to fight untreatable cancer has sparked a great deal of excitement and news reports lately, thanks in no small part to several small clinical trials that demonstrated spectacular results, including complete remission, in some patients. Continue reading