Don Liu, PHD

Principal Research Scientist, Genetic Testing Services
Wilmington, MA

Dr. Don P. Liu is a Principle Research Scientist of Genetic Testing Services, Charles River Laboratories (CRL). Don received his MS and MD degrees from Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China, and PhD in Neurobiology/Molecular and Cellular Biology from Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. Don has over 20 years’ experience in generating and characterizing genetically engineered animal models, starting with his postdoctoral work in Neurobiology at Friedrich-Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland.  Don has generated dozens of sophisticated targeting constructs, and created several genetically modified mouse models for neurological and muscular disorders. While working at the Jackson Lab, Don advocated allele specific assays as standard for genetically modified mouse models, as well as qPCR for transgene zygosity, instability/segregation issues, copy number determination, and gene expression analysis. These approaches proved to be critical in genetic quality control and colony management.