Carina Peritore

Product Manager, Neuroscience Discovery
Wilmington, MA

Carina manages the neuroscience discovery portfolio at Charles River Labs working cross-functionally to enhance visibility and promote streamlined services from medicinal chemistry through in vivo pharmacology models & tools to safety assessment. She received her doctorate in neurochemistry at Boston University, where she studied the anti-oxidant and pro-oxidant effects of nutraceuticals in dopamine metabolism using hydrogen peroxide selective boronate optical probes. She went on to an academic post-doc at Tufts University study the downstream effects of overexpressed and knocked-out mitochondrial sirtuins in an MPTP-induced mouse model. She moved into the pharmaceutical industry with a post-doc at Pfizer developing and utilizing the differentiation of iPSCs toward the mid-brain lineage to study mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease risk variants.