- Trained AI discovers potent antibiotic. Also: coronavirus progress and warming oceans are getting louder
February 21, 2020
BY: Mary Parker
- In this month’s Sounds of Science podcast, we spoke with Nastassja Ortega about the difficulties treating animals in this era of antibiotic resistance. How much do you know about the…
February 3, 2020
BY: Mary Parker
- From petunias to worms to people. How a genetic experiment’s surprising turn led to a breakthrough drug
February 19, 2020
BY: Deborah Dormady Letham
- What are the drawbacks of quarantining cruise ships? Also: CRISPR editing and AI awareness
February 14, 2020
BY: Mary Parker
- Mist tents, respirator vests, and a life-altering drug
February 13, 2020
BY: Aaron Edwards
- Scientists build the first ever living, programmable organism from frog stem cells
February 11, 2020
BY: Kamil Czuchrowski

A discussion on how to protect our flocks from pathogens without resorting to antibiotics.

February 4, 2020
BY: Mary Parker
- The color of our blood can tell on us. What it relays can sometimes be devastating.
February 6, 2020
BY: Christoph Eberle

Test Your Knowledge

Welcome to your STD

Twenty years ago, scientists from the Institute for Genomic Research in Maryland and the University of Texas Health Science Center published the full genome of what deadly sexually transmitted disease, known to Shakespeare as "the French disease"?

- Also: The benefits of magic mushrooms for cancer patients, and the WHO declares coronavirus a global emergency
January 31, 2020
BY: Mary Parker