Safety and Assessment of Breakthrough Therapies
- The FDA’s actions address the promise of innovative products and mounting concerns over stem cell clinics
November 22, 2017
BY: Shawna Jackman
- No substitute for human brain, but robots bring the brawn
October 16, 2017
BY: Mary Parker
- Using transgenic mice, Charles River scientists have traced a path that leads from inhaled styrene to cancer - a path that does not exist in humans.
October 10, 2017
BY: Mary Parker
- How a drug that sparked over 10,000 cases of severe limb reduction in children changed the field of toxicology testing.
September 13, 2017
BY: Alan Hoberman
- Misconceptions and myths surrounding the process may be discouraging its use
August 7, 2017
BY: Regina McEnery
- What can animals tell us about Zika and microcephaly? It depends on the mouse. A report from the Teratology Society meeting
July 10, 2017
BY: Alan Hoberman
- The creatures we fear are also aiding the development of drugs for diabetes, cancer, neurological disorders and inflammatory diseases.
May 8, 2017
BY: Andy Vick
- Scientists study the immunotherapy strategy in brain cancers, plus a real pissing match in the mouse cage. Day Three from SOT.
March 15, 2017
BY: Regina McEnery
- It’s been 11 years since the EU passed legislation requiring companies to register their use of chemicals by 2018. How’s that going? Day Two of our SOT coverage.
March 14, 2017
BY: Regina McEnery
- Molecular imaging has long been a major player in clinical medicine. What about its utility in earlier phases of preclinical drug development?
March 13, 2017
BY: Aurore Varela