Voices and stories from the front pages of science
- Apple’s new Health app features medical health records, how our genetic machinery winds down may one day help solve criminal cases, and is there really such a thing
February 16, 2018
BY: Jillian Scola
- The good news is that platforms for more rapid vaccination turnarounds are on the horizon.
February 13, 2018
BY: Deborah Dormady Letham
- Are we closer to vaccines that will protect us against influenza’s many diverse strains? An interview with pioneering scientist Peter Palese.
February 12, 2018
BY: Regina McEnery
- The scientific case for happy lab rats, another big step for brain implants, and norovirus at the Olympics
February 9, 2018
BY: Regina McEnery
- CAR T-Cell Therapy’s impact on clinical cancer research, does sugar contribute to cognitive deterioration and how NFL players are turning to vegan diets.
February 2, 2018
BY: Jillian Scola
- Updates on the NIH’s research grants for gene editing, how food can influence brain development and are more fashionable hospital gowns coming to an office near you?
January 26, 2018
BY: Jillian Scola
- Eating too much salt can trigger an adaptive immune response in the gut, detecting cancer with an early blood test and can early puberty be a sign of heart disease?
January 19, 2018
BY: Jillian Scola
- Reversing the risk of heart failure, creating the first sensory interneurons from stem cells and are molecular scissors responsible for immune reactions?
January 12, 2018
BY: Jillian Scola
- What to expect in 2018, the cancer death rate has dropped again and is CRISPR the Jack of All Trades?
January 5, 2018
BY: Jillian Scola
- The weather outside is frightful. As you look ahead to 2018, enjoy this hot cup of science!
December 28, 2017
BY: Eureka Staff